Senate impeachment trial: Live highlights and updates


The conservative group is running the ad online and in print in the Salt Lake Tribune. It seems unlikely to work; Romney is the most committed senator to hearing from former national security adviser John Bolton, whose unpublished book reportedly links Trump more directly with Ukraine aid freeze. — Burgess Everett

5:03 A.M.

How Trump’s impeachment created two Democratic superstars

The House Democratic Caucus has long been dominated by a gaggle of also-rans: men and women who, while good enough for Congress, proved to be underwhelming on the larger stage of national politics.

That’s changed.

Sitting shoulder to shoulder on the Senate floor as they argue for the president’s removal from office, two men — Adam Schiff of California and Hakeem Jeffries of New York — have been catapulted to the front of the nation’s consciousness, to the top of the Democratic Party and have become the fulcrum for speculation about a host of prominent positions both in the House and beyond. Read the full story. — Jake Sherman and Heather Caygle

5:03 A.M.

Trump allies see witness-swap scheme as impeachment messaging coup

President Donald Trump’s allies are relishing the political benefits of a plot to offer an equal number of impeachment witnesses for both parties, even though it likely won’t go anywhere.

But that’s the point.

Republican strategists are viewing the offer as a potent tool in the PR war around the president’s impeachment trial. In their eyes, the proposal defangs a Democratic argument that Republicans are shutting down witnesses without actually having to call witnesses. It could give the appearance of fairness, they said, while also energizing the Trump base eager to at least imagine the president’s foes — like Joe Biden — taking the witness stand. Read the full story. — Anita Kumar